The Most Advanced Robotic Program Training Anywhere

CAVA designs and delivers the most advanced live and online robotic program optimization training for administrators, robotic surgeons, and OR crew. At CAVA, we believe that robotics is truly a “team sport,” requiring that all stakeholders—administrators, robotic surgeons, and OR crew—work together with extraordinary alignment and efficiency.

CAVA National Training Center at Bellin Health

CAVA delivers world-class, independent, 1- and 2-day training for robotic surgeons, OR crews, and administrative leadership. CAVA’s National Training Center at Bellin Health gives our clients an amazing opportunity to interact with a leading CAVA best practice robotic program. CAVA training provides our clients with insight known by only the very best robotics programs.

Robotic Surgeon Training and Video Platform

CAVA’s robotic medical directors emphasize the most advanced robotic techniques and simulation training aimed at case and procedural efficiency, fastest case times, superior clinical outcomes, and minimum supply and reposible usage. The net effect is positive, powerful improvement in clinical quality, direct cost savings, program cost-effectiveness, and profitability.

In addition to live case proctoring and mentoring (on site by our medical directors at client hospitals, and at CAVA’s National Training Center at Bellin Health), CAVA engagements include access to our proprietary Robotic Surgeon Video Training Platform.

CAVA’s surgeon training platform delivers a library of nearly 100 best practice robotic procedure training videos in General Surgery, Gynecology, and Urology, each demonstrating the most efficient, step-by-step techniques, complete with timing, recommended supply use, and many other CAVA best practice metrics. Our video training helps robotic surgeons grow rapidly to new levels of procedural performance and cost-effectiveness.

CAVA assists our hospital clients in the management of robotic benign hysterectomy and gyn cases; gynecologic oncology; general surgery (single site cholecystectomy; inguinal, ventral, umbilical and incisional hernia procedures; colorectal / LAR; appendectomies; nephrectomies; bariatrics; and lysis cases); and prostatectomy and urologic procedures. Thoracic robotic surgery represents a developing specialization, and CAVA provides assistance in this area as well.

CAVA’s surgeon consultants drive comprehensive MIS solutions that incorporate robotics but also show you how to select the right robotic or lap procedure for the right surgeon and patient.

OR Crew Training

CAVA’s ½-day, on-site OR crew workshops address everything your hospital or IDN must know to create a superior, standardized robotic crew training program that is sustainable, scalable, and highly effective.

Focusing on your robotic OR techs, RNs, and PAs, CAVA’s crew training, designed by CAVA’s robotic surgeon medical directors Rick Low, MD, and Herb Coussons, MD, covers such topics as critical stakeholder communication; team building; flow charts and room set-up; roles; carts, trays and supply management; room turnover; and more than 75 job-specific skill training elements to achieve pre-, intra-, and post-op efficiencies.

While a weak OR crew can undermine the success of a robotic program no matter how many other parts of the program are corrected and improved, a great crew leads to happy surgeons—and that produces a successful robotic program every time.

Administration Training

Completing the CAVA training is education for hospital leadership and its robotic program administration.

The role of an enlightened administration in the management of a superior robotic program is enormous. At CAVA, this area features its own in-depth change management module, coupled with ongoing consulting support for hospital management.

Through detailed education, with case studies and benchmarking examples for best practice performance comparators, administration is guided to an understanding of the entire robotic program process. Topics include the role of administrator as robotic program facilitator; surgeon alignment; program governance; system-wide program design; equipment footprint, appropriate selection, and contracting; patient selection criteria; scheduling; growth planning; policy and procedures; credentialing; Med Exec; medical malpractice management; data collection and analytics; and financials.

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