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World-Class Performance, ROI, and Profitability

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  • CAVA quickly lowers costs and generates better clinical quality and outcomes
  • CAVA’s world-class team of robotic surgeons, health economists, and IT experts helps you achieve a Best Practice robotic program
  • CAVA engagements result in client partnerships that deliver a high degree of certainty in achieving rapid breakeven, with proven 3-5x ROI in 12-24 months for existing or newly-created robotic programs
  • CAVA clients achieve rapid financial six- and often seven-figure performance improvement
  • In all client engagements, CAVA leverages our CAVAlytics™ platform, a propriety software and real-world surgical performance database, to ingest and translate our clients’ EMR, cost accounting, and supply data into actionable information to achieve superior robotic program performance
  • CAVA Robotics has established a compliance program for US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), audited by third-party government risk and compliance agencies. Click here.


CAVA offers hospitals project-specific or comprehensive engagement options


Project-Specific Engagements

CAVA assists our hospital clients through highly targeted, project-specific engagements focusing on:

  • 21-Point Diagnostic Assessment and Maturity Mapping™ of Your Hospital’s Robotic Program’s Clinical and Operational Performance
  • Robotic / Lap / Open Surgical and Financial Quantitative Performance Audit vs. Best Practice Metrics
  • Complete EMR, Cost Accounting, and Supply Chain Data Assessment, Auditing, and Corrections
  • Robotic Program Document and Policy Support, Including Surgeon Credentialing, Committee Management, and Program Governance
  • Surgeon Proctoring, Video Case Reviews, On-Site Mentoring, and Training Support
  • Robotic Crew Training Support with CAVA Certification
  • Robotic First Assists and Robot Program Coordinators

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Comprehensive Engagements

CAVA assists our hospital clients with complete turn-key robotic program management focusing on:

  • Comprehensive, 21-Point CAVA Program Operation, Data Management / Analytics, Committee Support, Program Governance, Surgeon Training, Crew Training, Program Strategic Vision and Business Model / Market Support
  • Transforming Hospital Data Into Highly Useful Information That Drives Strategies and Tactics to Rapidly Lower Robotic Surgery Costs
  • Achieving Top Quartile or Better Best Practice Program Status
  • Achieving Higher Profits and Program Efficiencies
  • Achieving Superior Clinical Quality
  • Embedding of a CAVA-Trained Robotic Coordinator On-Site
  • Achieving Superior 3x-5x ROI

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Video Introduction: CAVA President Josh Feldstein and Medical Director Dr. Herb Coussons.



For a surgical robotics program to be truly successful—with optimized clinical quality, profitability, and growth—vastly evolved healthcare data analytics are crucial.

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CAVA designs and delivers the most advanced live and online robotic program optimization training for administrators, robotic surgeons, and OR crew.

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Robotic program design and governance represents another requisite component of an excellent robotics program, yet remains an underserved area at most hospitals.

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Achieve superior financial and clinical robotic program performance—streamlined, cost-effective, with measurable ROI—with CAVA Robotics

As the healthcare consulting leader in robotic program optimization, CAVA delivers unprecedented diagnostic and change management solutions for hospital administration, their robotic surgeons, and OR crew.

CAVA Robotics helps our hospital and IDN clients capture large robotic supply cost savings while building their robotic program’s net margin, efficiency, clinical results, and growth—quickly, correctly, and effectively.

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