Cracking the Code on Objective, Unbiased Robotic Program Optimization

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For a surgical robotics program to be truly successful—with optimized clinical quality, profitability, and growth—vastly evolved healthcare data analytics are crucial.

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CAVA designs and delivers the most advanced live and online robotic program optimization training for administrators, robotic surgeons, and OR crew.

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Robotic program design and governance represents another requisite component of an excellent robotics program, yet remains an underserved area at most hospitals.

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Achieve superior financial and clinical robotic program performance—streamlined, cost-effective, with measurable ROI—with CAVA Robotics

As the healthcare consulting leader in robotic program optimization, CAVA delivers unprecedented diagnostic and change management solutions for hospital administration, their robotic surgeons, and OR crew.

CAVA Robotics helps our hospital and IDN clients capture large robotic supply cost savings while building their robotic program’s net margin, efficiency, clinical results, and growth—quickly, correctly, and effectively.

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Most Hospital Robotic Programs Cost a Facility Millions With Little Hope of Fiscal Sustainability

Managing a multi-million dollar robotic program – to optimize clinical quality, profits, and efficiency – requires a different level of analytics, surgical insight, and management virtually unknown by the estimated 2,000 US hospitals now confronting this challenge…

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CAVA Robotics: Client Engagement Pathway

A Phase 1 CAVA Robotics client engagement begins with clinical and financial robotic program data collection and CAVAlytics®, on-site observation of robotic cases, and qualitative, subjective interviews with robotic surgeons, OR crew, and administration…

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Hospitals Remain Unaware of Key Robotic Program Success Factors

Buy a new da Vinci robot, hire or train a few robotic surgeons, and launch a robotic program. Buy several robots, train or hire even more robotic surgeons, task an administrator with overseeing the program, and build an even bigger, better robotic program…

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