Cracking the Code on Objective, Unbiased Robotic Program Optimization

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For a surgical robotics program to be truly successful—with optimized clinical quality, profitability, and growth—vastly evolved healthcare data analytics are crucial.

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CAVA designs and delivers the most advanced live and online robotic program optimization training for administrators, robotic surgeons, and OR crew.

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Robotic program design and governance represents another requisite component of an excellent robotics program, yet remains an underserved area at most hospitals.

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Achieve superior financial and clinical robotic program performance—streamlined, cost-effective, with measurable ROI—with CAVA Robotics

As the healthcare consulting leader in robotic program optimization, CAVA delivers unprecedented diagnostic and change management solutions for hospital administration, their robotic surgeons, and OR crew.

CAVA Robotics helps our hospital and IDN clients capture large robotic supply cost savings while building their robotic program’s net margin, efficiency, clinical results, and growth—quickly, correctly, and effectively.

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Recent CAVA Blog Posts

July 27, 2016

Robotics 101:

ROBOTICS IS OPEN SURGERY, NOT LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY… DONE WITH THE ROBOT (Part 1) One of the biggest problems confronting robotic surgery remains the persistent lack of understanding regarding the basic, fundamental tenant of robotics. First and foremost: robotic surgery is a reproduction of open surgery, not laparoscopic surgery.   Laparoscopic surgery is a series of […]

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July 20, 2016

CAVA Robotics Illustrates the Importance of Robotic Program Governance

CAVA Robotics has has produced a short video in which we discuss the importance of Governance in your Robotic Program.  See how the proper implementation of your Robotic  Program can make the difference between booming success or crushing disappointment for your facility.

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July 13, 2016

CAVA’s Advice To Hospitals on Robotics Equipment Contracting (Part 2)

As we indicated last week…always make sure you are aware of the limitation of current robotic models and their pricing before you commit to final contracting. Don’t be pressured by: Discounts on the latest model, “advanced technology,” training, proctoring, instrument credits / returns “ONLY IF you take possession by next week or end of month […]

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