CAVAlyticsTM is Essential Technology for Robotic Program Success

If your hospital wants a really successful surgical robotics program—optimizing clinical quality, profitability, and growth—you must know that a vastly evolved level of healthcare data analytics is crucial. CAVA’s proprietary analytics leverage our client’s EMR and cost accounting data, uploaded directly onto our secure online CAVAlyticsTM business intelligence platform.

CAVAlyticsTM identifies exactly where a hospital’s robotic program is weak financially, clinically, and operationally—and displays how it compares with leading robotic programs nationally. We collect between 60 and 300 specific data points (depending on our clients’ EMR and data sets), including robotic quality performance, OR efficiency, and financial performance metrics, from the service line level down to the surgeon and OR crew.

In parallel with our quantitative analytics, CAVA’s Medical Directors and Health Economists also perform unprecedented on-site robotic program qualitative analytics. CAVA expertly captures a broad array of performance and operational metrics that add critical clarity to the detailed quantitative analytics. Through specially designed in-depth, multi-day site visits, case observations, and program reviews, CAVA dissects our clients’ robotics programs across 21 critical dimensions of performance with never-before-seen intricacy and accuracy.

CAVA’s analytics allow clients to achieve complete robotic program sustainability with superior clinical, operational, and fiscal results

Maturity MappingTM and Performance Benchmarking

Based on our proprietary robotic vs. lap vs. open data sets comprised of hundreds of thousands of comparative surgical cases, CAVA benchmarks all of our client hospitals’ fiscal and clinical performance on a continuum of maturity from poor to best practice, aligned with CAVA’s 21 dimensions of performance. CAVA sets fiscal and quality performance metrics hospitals must know, based on never before available comparative benchmarking which address supply and reposible use, cycle times, and case times for virtually every robotic procedure.

CAVA Performance Benchmarking: Data You’ve Never Seen

CAVA’s data are not available publically, going light years beyond what is available in commercially available 3rd-party data and the robotic peer review literature (which is often negatively-biased). Our data set is now approaching 1M total surgical cases and is expanded monthly.

Data and IT Capabilities

CAVA Robotics’ HIPAA- and cyber security-compliant data and IT processes efficiently assist our clients with the extraction and synthesis of their facility’s comparative robotic vs. lap vs. open performance data across hundreds of specific clinical and fiscal endpoints.

CAVA’s vast data management and IT experience includes working with Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, EPSI, McKesson, SurgiNet, and many other EMR, supply chain, accounting, and non-integrated data applications. CAVA assists clients with virtually every aspect of data acquisition, data aggregation / synthesis, and statistical / comparative analytics, regardless of data complexity.

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