Robotic Program Governance Is No Easy Task

Performance transparency, superior data analytics, commitment to quality, and multi-disciplinary engagement are the keys

Robotic program design and governance represents a critical component of any robotics program, but it is usually only an after-thought for most hospitals. Surgeon credentialing, privileging, policy and procedure documents, program vision, quality metrics, and program / stakeholder accountability—from the C-suite to the robotic steering committee and the crew—drive a robotic program on a day-to-day basis.  CAVA leadership engages with your surgeons, administration, crew, OR leadership, scheduling team, and all other program stakeholders to create a unified process that drives your program to its objective of Best Practice performance.  CAVA engagements may also include embedding of a CAVA-trained robotic program coordinator.  What ever it takes to govern your program to top performance, CAVA provides the methodology, personnel and data support to get you there rapidly.

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