CAVA Robotics helps our hospital and IDN clients capture large robotic supply cost savings while building their robotic program’s net margin, efficiency, clinical results, and growth—quickly, correctly, and effectively.

Over the last several years, CAVA leadership has met and worked with hundreds of US hospitals with robotic programs. This has taught us that fewer than 2 in 10 US hospitals have insight into how to run a great da Vinci robotic program—an operational, data analytics, and governance blind spot that can unnecessarily cost a facility 6- to 7-figure annual losses.

CAVA’s team of robotic surgeons, health economists, and change management experts work quickly, transparently, and effectively—using our proprietary online data analytics and training methodologies—to turn around even the most challenged robotic programs, often in as little as 6 months.

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Data Analytics

CAVAlyticsTM: Essential Technology for Robotic Program Success

If your hospital wants a really successful surgical robotics program—optimizing clinical quality, profitability, and growth—you must know that a vastly evolved level of healthcare data analytics is crucial. CAVA’s proprietary analytics leverage our client’s EMR and cost accounting data, uploaded directly onto our secure online CAVAlyticsTM business intelligence platform.

CAVAlyticsTM identifies exactly where a hospital’s robotic program is weak financially, clinically, and operationally—and displays how it compares with leading robotic programs nationally. We collect between 60 and 300 specific data points (depending on our clients’ EMR and data sets), including robotic quality performance, OR efficiency, and financial performance metrics, from the service line level down to the surgeon and OR crew.



The Most Advanced Robotic Program Training Anywhere

CAVA designs and delivers the most advanced live and online robotic program optimization training for administrators, robotic surgeons, and OR crew.

CAVA, we believe that robotics is truly a “team sport,” requiring that all stakeholders—administrators, robotic surgeons, and OR crew—work together with extraordinary alignment and efficiency.



Creating Powerful Robotic Program Design and Governance

Robotic program design and governance represents another requisite component of an excellent robotics program, yet remains an underserved area at most hospitals. Credentialing, privileging, policy and procedure documents, program vision, case volume and quality metrics, and program / stakeholder accountability—from the C-suite to the robotic steering committee and the crew—drive the program day in and day out.